truck driving schools
truck driving schools
truck driving schools
Educate Yourself About Truck Driving School Options

Your search for the right Truck Driving School is crucial. Why? All Truck Driving Schools are not created equally. For example: One Truck Driver School may provide you with your CDL after only 2 ½  weeks of training, and you think to yourself, “I can’t wait to get out there and feel the freedom of  the open-road.” Immediately your first road-block faces you head-on. The fact is….Most Truck Driving Companies require you to attend a 3-4 week  Certified Truck Driver Training Seminar before you even qualify to get behind the wheel of a Big Rig. Let us help you search for a Trucking Company willing to put their money where YOUR Bank Account is!
Can I Get Free Truck Driver Training?

As long as the demand for truck drivers remains high trucking companies will keep offering free truck driver training to entice folks like your self to join their team.  When we say free truck driving school it doesn't necessarily mean you get something for nothing. All trucking companies are different in the way they handle tuition reimbursement but in most cases you will have to sign on with a company and remain with them for a specific period of time (usually one year) to fulfill your end of the agreement.

When Should I Begin Truck Driving School?

Please don’t sit on the fence any longer wondering about how nice it would be to finally have your CDL. Take the time to fill out our simple information form and we’ll be here to help you jump off-the-fence and behind the wheel of a Big Rig. Driving a truck gives new meaning to the word freedom. You will no longer be tied-down to a boring 9 to 5 job. You will become a significant part of the American economy. Without your spirit of freedom, America’s economy would come to a screeching halt! Take pride in knowing that your CDL signifies YOU as a professional  operator of a $200,000.00 Rig.

trucking schools
What We Offer to Students
Certified Truck Driving Schools
Class A and Class B CDL Schooling
Hands-on Training
Refresher Courses
Nationally Based Truck Driver Schools
Earn Your Cdl in 3-4 weeks
Paid Tuition*
Tuition Reimbursement**
Sign-on Bonus***
State-of-Art Equipment and Facilities
Paid Training Upon Completion
Paid Lodging
Little or No Up Front Cost
"I have been wanting to become a professional truck driver for as long as I can remember. I want to thank you for giving me all the information. It really made my choice an easy one. I just graduated at the top of my class 2 weeks ago, and now my brother will begin school in 4 days. It's funny because the thought of driving a truck never even crossed his mind. It looks like we will become team drivers as soon as he graduates."

Gary Mason
Dallas TX         more testimonials        

Truck Driving Schools
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Start your career today as a truck driver and choose one of these great companies.
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Truck Driving Schools Offering CDL Training Nationwide

Why should you choose to attend Truck Driving School or a Truck Driver Refresher Course well if you have been in search of a job in any media available today, you can’t help but notice the # 1 job in demand. It’s Truck Driving Jobs. The demand for people willing to “Keep America Rolling” has created a job market unsurpassed by any other job market in any industry in America today. Don’t bother searching for a more rewarding career than the one you have already chosen. Get your CDL and be a part of what truly keeps America’s economy strong. We have a simple application to get you closer to attending a top truck driving school.Trucking Schools are a click away and remember is always here to help.
What does it take to get a Class A CDL (Commercial Drivers License)?

Surprisingly, not all that much.  Say you’ve been driving straight truck, doing local deliveries for some time.  The call of the open road is strong and you think you’re ready to move up to the big boys.  With that straight truck you’ve been driving, you can attach a small equipment trailer, licensed at 10,000 lbs, behind it and head on down to the DMV and take your test. 

Now your ready to hit the open road, or so you may think.  Sadly you’re quite mistaken.  Possession of a Class A CDL is a small part of the equation.  With no actual class 8 driving experience under your belt you will rapidly find the most reputable trucking companies aren’t interested in signing you on. continue this story

Article provided by: Curtis Carper

Sight Seeing on Someone Else’s Nickel

I pulled into FWT, (Fort Worth Tower) with my Ford Dually pulling a 40’ Goose neck Flatbed.  All I knew about the trip was it had multi-stops and would finish in northern Indiana.  My sister lived in Ann Arbor Michigan, I hoped this trip would take me close enough for a visit.  Having moved from Minnesota to Texas a few years back, it had been a measurable amount of time since my wife and I had been able to make it to Michigan for a visit.

As I arrived at the shipping office, I entered and asked for directions to my loading point.  Being told to park in the middle of the yard, to allow access from both sides with forklifts, I assumed the load would be substantial. continue this story

Article provided by: Curtis Carper

Real Stories From an American Trucker
Read informative and interesting stories from a Real American Truck Driver -Curtis Carper. In his weekly articles concerning life as a truck driver.  With over 350,000 miles under his belt he will describe some of his experiences as an over the road truck driver.
GPS, Every Truck Drivers Friend

Having a co-pilot to handle navigation always make the chore of winding through an unfamiliar city easier.  So how’s the first time solo truck driver going to handle being late for his/her delivery time, when finding they have no clue where to even start looking for the delivery location listed on the manifest. (Continued)

Article provided by: Curtis Carper
Don’t Forget Blended Fuel (Driving a Truck in The Northeast)

Every since you finished Truck Driving School you’ve been going back and forth across the South East corridor.  Same routine, Dallas, New Orleans, Miami.  It’s been a good route, but the dispatcher needs a favor.  There’s this off the wall load that is going to a place called Duluth.  When you accepted the load you were thinking Duluth Georgia, just outside Atlanta.  You didn’t mind the idea of a change of pace, but this is a little extreme continue this article

Article provided by: Curtis Carper.

Truck Driving Schools | Trucking Schools | CDL Refresher Courses

We offer free assistance to anyone looking to join a truck driving school and becoming a part of the trucking industry. If you have dreamed of becoming a truck driver then look no further. We can assist you in finding the best truck driving school no matter where you live. We deal with only top accredited trucking schools that offer top notch truck driver training programs. Once you complete your Trucking School Training we can also assist you in finding the right trucking company that offers tuition reimbursement, great hometime and the pay you want and deserve. There has never been a better time to get behind the wheel, with all the trucking companies struggling to find qualified truck drivers your CDL can become your ticket to a rewarding career like no other. Let us help you get started today!
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